Technical and Scientific translation

  • Product catalogues and brochures (cable glands, fuses, pumps, medical devices, etc.)
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (under CLP Regulation)
  • Patents in fields related to Chemistry
  • Websites (Li-cor Biosciences, Xylem, Houghton, Tracelink, Eaton, etc.)
  • Power plant component description for employee training purposes

Editorial translation

  • e-Learning courses about data security and privacy
  • Marketing courses for an online university
  • e-Learning courses about supply chain management for pharmaceutical companies
  • e-Learning courses about bribery
  • e-Learning courses about employee management and capacity development
  • Courses intended to social workers for the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies

Translation Environment-related

Climate Briefing Service : report on COP22 meeting and Climate Change

World Resources Institute:

UNDP Canada - Climate change adaptation facility (CCAF):

The CCAF is working with a group of six project countries, three of which are francophone. Each of these country teams are working on a national initiative related to climate change adaptation. Since half of the countries are francophone (Mali, Niger and Haiti), two are Anglophone (Cambodia and Sudan), and the last is Lusaphone (Cape Verde – though they work sometimes in French), translation is a critical component of this sharing and learning process.

UNITAR: Revision of a Guidance Note on Climate change

UNDP Cuba: Brochure about the Sabana-Camaguey ecosystem.

UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction – GETI: Training slides about recovery after disasters.

CIVICUS: Document to prepare the Action/2015 campaign before the COP21, and the International Civil Society Week 2016.

Translation for international organizations

UNHCR Ireland : Guide to the International Protection Procedure in Ireland

UNHCR – Innovation: Communication platform for refugees, under project.

Layse Farias, Partnerships Coordinator: “… we were especially impressed by her determination and self-discipline. Her willingness to contribute meant her work was always consistent, of excellent quality, and on time. Her translations from Spanish to French were of a high quality and she looked beyond just the translations of words and actually suggested ideas for the format of the text she was translating. We found Lucile a pleasure to work with. I am grateful for her contributions to our office and very confident that she has the work ethic and communications skills to add value wherever she works.”

European Parliament :

  • Common Fisheries Policy and BREXIT - Legal Framework for governance
  • Infrastructure funding challenges in the Sharing economy